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In the natural environment, many types of insect and fungus feed on fallen wood. Unfortunately, some of these organisms are also perfectly at home in a domestic/commercial roof space, wall or window provided the conditions are right.

  bristol woodworm treatment   bristol woodworm treatment   bristol woodworm treatment

Something as simple as a broken roof tile, torn roof felt or weathered ridge tiles can give woodworm enough moisture to begin feeding on untreated roof timbers. Timbers in floors or windows can be affected too if there is enough ambient moisture, and once a woodworm infestation begins, it can spread rapidly. Note that Bristol Pest Controller also offers a complete damp treatment service to help address underlying causes of woodworm infestations.

Woodworm is extremely common in the Bristol area, and once the beetles lay their eggs in or on the timber, the larvae will bore a network of tunnels in wood as they feed. Over time, a piece of timber can almost be reduced to dust by an attack of this kind. Note that adult woodworm do not feed on the wood, so a contact insecticide is needed rather than a poison that they eat.

Woodworm are not the only challenge facing building timbers, of course, and it is also important to examine timberwork carefully for signs of problems such as rot.

Timber pests in Bristol

The good news is that not all woodworm infestations in the Bristol area require treatment – Bristol Pest Controller can identify the exact type of woodworm involved, and reveal whether or not the infestation is active – then recommend woodworm treatment accordingly. For example, you might have problems with a common furniture beetle, a powder post beetle, a wood boring weevil, a house longhorn beetle or a death watch beetle. Wood boring weevils do not need treatment because the infestation will die out, whereas death watch beetles cause very serious damage unless controlled.

Treating woodworm infestations in the Bristol area

Our first step is to look carefully at the entire space being affected by an infestation, so that the underlying cause and the extent of the problem are clear. While keeping disruption to a minimum, we will clear debris and look at hidden areas – for example, you may have problems under floorboards or beneath roof insulation.

Once we have assessed the extent of any woodworm problem, we will clean timbers as needed and then treat with the latest insecticidal formulations. These formulations kill woodworm on contact when the beetles encounter spray-treated timber. If you have a serious death watch beetle infestations, you may need a more advanced treatment, and we will use a penetrating insecticidal gel rather than an insecticidal spray.

You can count on Bristol Pest Controller for a simple, cost-effective and low hazard solution to whatever timber problem you may have:

Modern, water based and non-flammable insecticides

Low odour and hazard (HSE approved)

The ability to use a room just one hour after treatment

All application types including spray,  brush, injection and gel/paste

Timber repair recommendations where needed

Start to solve your own woodworm problem in the Bristol area. Call Giles on 07970 749 482 for immediate advice.

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