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Damp Treatment in the Bristol Area

Damp problems can cause enormous damage to both residential and commercial properties. Once damp has found its way in, it can quickly spread and cause a range of problems. Those range from cosmetic damage or decay, such as black mould or mildew, through to serious dry rot – which despite its name is caused by too much moisture.

 damp proofing bristol  damp proofing bristol  damp proofing bristol

Whether you are a homeowner in Bristol, a Bristol business owner, or a landlord/housing association in the South West area, we have the expertise needed to resolve damp problems and to prevent moisture from entering a building again. Bristol Pest Controller offers a complete end-to-end service, from initial survey and risk assessment (including risks from asbestos) through to effective damp treatment (whether for rising damp, condensation or penetrating damp) and any re-plastering required. Note that Bristol Pest Controller also offers a complete woodworm treatment service to help address any woodworm infestations resulting from damp timber.

The causes of damp

Rising damp is one of the most common causes of damage from damp in a building. Many Bristol properties lack a proper damp proof course, and capillary action in stonework and brickwork means that water at ground level can permeate up through a wall. Penetrating damp can come directly through a wall, especially where stonework or brickwork is poorly maintained., Some buildings can also suffer from ‘bridging’, where an external wall is in contact with an internal wall (for example, where a cavity wall has not been built properly). As water enters a wall, it brings dissolved salts with it, and these salts can absorb more water over time. A cycle builds up which can cause unsightly and damaging crystals in plasterwork.

Although rising damp is a major cause of damp in a house or business property, lack of ventilation can also cause excess condensation, or a serious damp problem can even be caused by something as simple as damaged rain guttering. All of these damp problems can be solved.

The damp treatment you need

We can help you to track down the root cause of your damp problem, and give advice on how to make your building dry again.

If rising damp is the cause, or part of the cause, fitting a conventional damp proof course after a building has been completed is not usually a practicable solution. Fortunately, we offer an extremely effective alternative damp proofing system. This uses a concentrated silane/siloxane ‘cream’ that is introduced into the wall, and which then slowly releases a vapour into the wall to form a water-repellent resin. In combination with other strategies, it stops further ingress of ground water.

Our ‘resin’ damp proof course solution is an excellent choice for many reasons:

Any internal or external walls can be treated – the solution suits brick and stone of any thickness and can be used successfully on 280mm cavity walls. By applying the correct plaster type after treatment, we can make sure that cosmetic damage does not recur.

Note that we will take full account of other possible rising damp treatments including electro-osmosis, symphonic tubes and environmental/atmospheric control. Bristol Pest Controller also offers a full range of solutions to problems such as penetrating damp, including re-rendering of external walls, new wall cladding,

Start to solve your own damp problem in the Bristol area. Call Giles on 07970 749 482 for immediate advice.

Other Services from best bristol pest control company include wasp nest removal and woodworm treatment.


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