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Bed Bugs Bristol Eradication

We provide a 20% discount on additional rooms.

Bedbugs are well known as a challenging pest to get rid of, but here at The Bristol Pest Controller we have years of experience supporting our skills in eradicating them. We use the latest techniques and keep up to date with new research to ensure we are always one step ahead of their game.

With bed bugs Bristol issues it is important that you contact a professional that can work with you and the environment to control and eradicate the infestation. We understand that everyone is different and so we create our treatment based around your needs with various different techniques available to treat the problem.

We know there is a wealth of information, do’s and don’ts on the internet so if you want anything explaining, give us a call we are happy to help.

Heat Treatment explained
We use a directional dry steam to kill bedbugs and their eggs in one treatment. Because the steam is dry, it is safe to use on many of your personal belongings, reaching places, chemicals cannot. It is effective against all stages of bedbug life cycle, including its eggs as bedbugs have no resilience to high temperatures.
Chemical treatment explained
We often use chemicals for their long lasting (residual) effects, meaning that your home will have a barrier in place against any new bedbugs brought into the home. How long the effect lasts for depends on different environmental factors. Using chemicals alone can be enough to treat the problem, but this does depend on the environment and how heavy the infestation is.

We always recommend having a combination of both heat and chemical treatments for the best results, but we do understand this is not always possible, talk to us to tell us about your circumstance and we will find the best treatment for you.

How long will it take?
How long it takes depends on the room, which treatment you decide upon and how many personal belongings you have.

We are dedicated to eradicating these pesky bugs and so we believe in a fair affordable pricing structure to suit all budgets and requirements.
For bed bugs we give an estimation of cost over the phone, based on the structure above. The price will be confirmed on our inspection before we continue with treatment as there are several factors that can influence the cost, for instance the level of infestation, amount of personal possessions and what we call ‘risk factors’. We only sell you what you need and we always look for the most effective treatment with minimal impact to you and your home or business.
We are a small, local company with no pushy salesman and no large overheads, just an honest, reliable and hardworking team looking to sort the problem for you. Give us a call to discuss your situation.

What do I need to do now?
There are some preparations that need to take place to ensure the room is ready for our treatments, once you book your appointment, we will send you an advice sheet outlining the action needed to be taken, for instance removing items that are susceptible to heat e.g. oil paintings and make up.

Get an immediate quote for bed bug treatment in the Bristol area. Call Giles on 07970 749 482

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5.0 out of 5
Reeve came to take a look at a potential rodent under the floorboards in the landing of my property. He was brilliant from start to finish. The job wasn't particularly easy as a lot of carpets needed to be pulled up to access the floorboards. His determination to overcome every obstacle was outstanding and he did a really good job. I'm a nosey person and watched him for over an hour to satisfy my curiosity of how it was all done and Reeve spoke me through what he was doing and why step by step. I've never had to call pest control before but if I need to again in the future I'm definitely contacting this company!
Sian Deidun - 16 March 2017
5.0 out of 5
Fantastic service! The guy who called out to the house was efficient, friendly, knew what he was doing and talking about and gave a full update of everything he was doing. Highly recommended. Also came round quickly and was happy to call outwit hours. Would not hesitate to use again (although hopefully I won't have to!).
Yvonne Lyttle - 15 February 2017
1 Inspection
Chemical treatment
Heat treatment
1 inspection
Heat treatment
Chemical treatment
1 inspection
Heat Treatment
Chemical treatment
up to 2 Follow up
Guarantee total eradication
for 6 months*
Free treatment if required
Recommended for those
that have few possessions in
the room or low level
Directional steam can be
used without the use of
Recommended for standard
domestic properties. We
use a combination of
directional heat and
chemicals to eradicate the
infestation. Ideal for homes
with moderate to high
Recommended for heavy
infestations. We use a
combination of directional
heat and chemicals to
eradicate the infestation.
We provide you with peace
of mind that if you
experience any reoccurring
problems we will come back
free of charge.
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